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Cello Covers

   David's second album, Cello Covers, just released in Januar 2016, contains eleven beautiful arrangements of many of today's most sought-after songs.  These songs are arranged for multiple cellos creating a rich yet light texture.  They are as perfect to walk down the aisle on your wedding day, as they are just to listen to relax and enjoy.  Each piece is given a unique setting combined with lush harmonies, truly making every song a unique experience.

A World Unseen

   David's first album, A World Unseen, contains original instrumental music that is very filmic in quality. It is a very special album, made up of beautiful melodies and lush harmonies caringly performed on acoustic instruments such as violin, cello, flute and guitar. This melodic, pastoral and romantic music is played by some of the finest musicians in Los Angeles.

Some listener Comments


“Both uplifting and soothing to the spirit, an excellent piece to inspire the inner self” -Princeton, Indiana


“You just remind me how great life is.  Thank you for everything" -Tripoli, Libya


“LOVE IT!! It's soooooo smooth and really romantic tune!!”- Belfast, United Kingdom


"Hey, good soothing music...and suprisingly great to study to :)" - United Kingdom


"I love this kind of music. It's very relaxing and it feeds your soul” - Morelia, Mexico


“Beautiful music...thanks! Very relaxing in a stressful work

setting!! ” - Troy, Mo



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