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David Sudaley is a cellist, pianist, and composer based in Miami. Known for his original compositions and instrumental covers using multiple cellos and beautiful ensembles, David’s music has been featured in a number of films and off-Broadway theater productions.


His debut album ‘A World Unseen’ features original melodies that inspire, combining the best of new-age music with a film score flavor. David’s music captures the spirit of imagination, soaring with a talented ensemble of instrumentalists.


Setting him apart from classical-focused instrumental albums, David’s second album, ‘Cello Covers’ features cover songs of popular music with multi-track cellos and instrumentals, and allows listeners to savor the beautiful pop melodies often eclipsed by their lyrics. David’s third and latest album, ‘Cello Covers II’, tackles and elevates the pop genre, featuring uplifting renditions of beloved Top 40 chart songs such as ‘Señorita’, ‘Someone You Loved’, and ‘Mercy’.


Speaking of his inspiration behind ‘Cello Covers II’, David says: "All around us there’s beauty. Do we stop and really see it? Do we really feel grateful for what we have? Music can bring people happiness and warmth and deepen the experience of our lives. My hope is that these cello covers will uplift people and help us feel good about all that life has to offer.”


Originally from New York, David grew up playing cello and piano. He studied cello at the prestigious Julliard Prep, earned a B.A. in Music Performance from Rutgers College, and did graduate work at New York University in Music Composition.




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